Top 5 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them

I know many people have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day, but I’ve got to say, it’s one of my favorite days of the year. (I mean, really, what do you expect from a pup with the “Chief Cuddle Officer” title?”) There are many reasons why we pups should be included in the celebrations of Cupid’s holiday. First of all? I actually appreciate it when you don’t shower to hang out with me, and when I follow you around, it’s cute. 😉 So if you’re in the market to get your furry love a Valentine’s gift, here is what we’d like:

5. More time with the besties.
dog valentines
This is Bruce Willis, my best pal and neighbor. She, yes she, loves to dig into the BarkBox toy box and she has given me some great lessons on begging for food.
dog valentines
I’d also like some more time with the cats. So many people think that dogs and cats don’t get along, but I love hanging with my cat roommates. There are times where you just want to be quiet, aloof, and vain, ya know?

4. More freedom on the furniture.

I realize there was that one time that Scout and I tried to dig a hole in the BarkBox office couch or the time I puked the avocado under the table that I stole from Erin’s lunch bag, but I’ve changed my ways, promise. This Valentine’s Day I’d like to be given a free pass on all furniture.

dog valentines
Also shoes. I know everyone says I smell like feet after I take naps on them, but I really enjoy those naps. Free pass?

3. More snuggles.
dog valentines
I mean seriously, is an extra belly rub too much to ask? Every hour on the hour would be best.

2. More Picnics in the park.
dog picnic
Make sure there are treats. Lots of treats. And “accidentally” dropped food. And carrot sticks. I love carrot sticks from the bottom of my furry belly.

1. More time with my family. I lurve them.

I lurve them a lot.

PS– You know a BarkBox makes a great dog Valentine’s gift. 🙂 Scout.

Stacy Grissom

9 years ago

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