Doggy Vending Machines Are Now A Thing And We Love It

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 3, 2015

Have you ever packed up your pooch for a road trip only to realize many miles later that you forgot a pivotal piece of pup paraphernalia? Your only options in this scenario used to be searching out a pet supply store in a strange city, or trying to make do without. One Austin entrepreneur hopes her new invention will soon make this inconvenience a thing of the past.


Lara Enzor began her career in the pharmaceutical sector, but she always wanted to find a way to turn her love of dogs into an income source. Her first venture, Bow Wow Bones, an Austin food truck serving only doggy delicacies, has had great success visiting the many Austin dog parks. Check out their menu and frequented locations here.


The Wag-A-Matic vending machine premiered inside The Dog House Drinkery in Williamson County, Texas on September 13. It seems that Enzor has chosen the perfect location. The Dog House Drinkery offers its own dog park and welcomes fuzzbutts and their hoomans to pop inside for a cold one, a snack, or to watch the big game.



So far, the Wag-A-Matic has been a barking success. Stocked with must-haves like poop-bags, gourmet treats, and toys, patrons of The Dog House have been happily swiping their credit cards to indulge their fur kids. Enzor has even had to wipe the glass clean of a few nose prints from excited pup-stomers!

wag launch

This Wag-A-Matic location is currently the only machine operating in the Austin area, but Enzor plans to put an end to that this week. The next vending machine will grace The Monarch, a downtown Austin pet-friendly condo complex today as Austin celebrates the Windsor Pet Palooza.

wag now

Enzor sees this venture into travel and lodging as the future of her invention. She will seek contracts with the famously dog-friendly Aloft hotel chain which has an Austin location as well as others in several major cities throughout the US. Depending on the local success of the Wag-A-Matic, we can hope to see them springing up in dog-friendly hotels, apartment complexes and businesses across the country.


The next time you hit the road with your dog in tow, keep your eye out for a Wag-A-Matic vending machine. The webpage, currently displays a sign-up page so you can be informed when these canine convenience centers reach a city near you. You can also follow the company on Facebook.  No dog should have to travel without their favorite treats and all the creature comforts of home!

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 3, 2015

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