Giant Schnauzer Is A Better Farmer Than Old MacDonald

I’ve heard of farm dogs, but farmer dogs? A Russian farm owner has put his Giant Schnauzer, Lemon, to work. Literally. Lemon tends potato fields, fills buckets, and carries wood.

“He likes to try and do almost everything I do,” Lemon’s owner said of his dog’s work ethic. Farmer Aleksandr Matytsin learned of Lemon’s abilities when he was chopping wood one day and Lemon started bringing him fresh logs.

“His favourite occupation is carrying buckets of water,” Matytsin said.

Since then, Lemon has expanded his list of chores by learning how to till with a plow and work a hand pump. Or is it “paw pump” in this case?

Though Matytsin was once a dog trainer for the military, he insists that Lemon works the farm as a labor of love. “I do treat him with something tasty from time to time but he mostly does it because he simply likes to be helpful.”

Lemon has been a farm-paw for over a year now and is famous in nearby villages for his strong back and work ethic. It won’t be long until other people want Lemon to work their farms!

H/T to Daily Mail

Brandon Rhoads

8 years ago