Meet The Dogs Who Are Sniffing Out Prostate Cancer

Add prostate cancer to the list of things dogs can amazingly detect.

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Recent studies in Milan revealed that two German Shepherds were able to determine whether certain urine samples were from adult males suffering from prostate cancer. Their accuracy was stunning.

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According to Dr. Claire Guest, “These results are spectacular. They offer us further proof that dogs have the ability to detect human cancer.”

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Given that each dog was able to detect the cancer to roughly 98% accuracy, she went on to say that “it is particularly exciting that we have such a high success rate in the detection of prostate cancer, for which the existing tests are woefully inadequate.”

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Currently, doctors rely on blood samples or biopsy. Though some professionals are reluctant to embrace the use of canines as a form of medical exam, the research does yield hope for new methods of accurate, effective testing.

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High paws, pups!

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H/t to DailyMail

Featured image via km blog

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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