10 Dogs With Cooler Jobs Than You

Unlike the picture our pups paint, there are tons of dogs out there holding down legit, regular jobs. Cool jobs. Jobs that are way better than Lead Booger Picker, or whatever it is we do all day. These pups got their act together. So, here's a list of pawesome dog jobs - some you already knew about, some might surprise you, and some will make you go, "Whaaa? Why not meeeee?" 1. Truffle Detectives Dogs are actually trained to sniff out delicious truffles so we can enhance our foods with its flavor gourmet goodness. (I'm getting hungry for some truffle mac n' cheese as I write this...My apawlogies if it's making y'all hungry too.)
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2. Pawblo Picassos Hallie the Doxie was taught to paint by her artist mom, Dee Dee, two months before she went blind. Even after Hallie went blind, she continued to paint! Hallie's mom told the Today Show that Hallie's paintings have helped raise over $15,000 for the Purple Heart Rescue. Hallie's not alone in her artist job, there are other dogs like her! In fact, Arbor a beautiful black lab, is another famous dogtist, with her highest sold painting raking in $453 with all the proceeds going to charity.
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3. Pup Hypnotists Dog Hypnotist, Oscar was adopted by U.K. hypnotist Hugh Lennon as a pet, until he realized the pup had a hypnotic stare that could captivate people. Together, their hypno-dog act made them popular across the U.K. until Oscar's vision failed. Oscar is now retired, and Lennon travels around with Oscar's son, Murphy. Not convinced dogs can hypnotize? Well, turns out the very famous Simon Cowell experienced dog hypnotism firsthand while filming Britain's Got Talent earlier this year.
[caption id="attachment_34823" align="alignnone" width="510"]Image via Pawnation Image via Pawnation[/caption]
4. Scat Detector This sniffer dog's job is beyond cool. Tucker is a vital member of a scientific team at the Center for Conservation Biology, University of Washington. His role involves sniffing out whale poop up to a mile away, so scientists can study the animals. One member of the team calls the feces "scientific gold" as a lot can de ascertained about animals regarding their species, diet, lifestyle, habits etc. Read more about Tucker's job here.
[caption id="attachment_34297" align="alignnone" width="640"]Image via The Poodle and Dog Blog Image via The Poodle and Dog Blog[/caption]
5. Cancer Detection Dogs Like dogs that are trained to sniff out drugs or explosives, these enterprising pups are trained to sniff out cancer in humans. We even reported on Daisy, the cancer sniffing dog that detected over 500 cases and was honored for her life-saving work. [caption id="attachment_34824" align="alignnone" width="640"]Image via Central Bark Image via Central Bark[/caption] 6. Doge Mayor Way back in 1981, Bosco — a black Lab-Rottweiler mix — ran the mayoral election in Sunol, California, against two humans as a joke concocted by the townspeople. Bosco beat both humans to become the first dog mayor of the United States of America, serving for 13 years in pawffice. He paved the way for many a dogs' political futures including the most recent dog mayor — Duke, who won the mayoral race in Cormorant, Minnesota in 2014.
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[bp_related_article] 7. Dog Soldiers Sergeant Stubby went from stray to hero American soldier thanks to a Private who decided to take him in and sneak him onto the SS Minnesota. Stubby started out as a morale booster for the 102nd Battalion but quickly became an integral cog in the force, saving tons of lives. Read Sergeant Stubby's entire story here. There's also a 1999 documentary based on the numerous dogs that played active roles in wars — War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes.
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8. Supermodel Pups You'll be surprised how in demand dogs are. Clients want them for modeling high end doggy pawducts or to pose in fashion mags. It sure is a ruff life for these pooches that run in elite circles. [caption id="attachment_34827" align="alignnone" width="850"]Image via Mashable Image via Mashable[/caption] 9. Mascot Dogs While doing research for a post, we discovered that COUNTLESS schools and colleges have live dogs as mascots. And it all started with Handsome Dan, Yale University's mascot and the first U.S. school mascot ever! [caption id="attachment_34830" align="alignnone" width="650"]Image via BarkPost Image via BarkPost[/caption] 10. Skydiving Dawgs Yup. You heard it right. These pooches are trained in explosives detection and are a part of an elite anti-terrorist team in Bogota, Colombia. They are so fearless that they jump out of planes over a 1000 feet above ground strapped to their humans, and when they land they just go about their regular bomb-sniffin' business. Talk about FEARLESS! [caption id="attachment_34831" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Image via Today Image via Daily Mail[/caption]
Featured image via Daily Mail

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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