16 Dogs Who Just Cant Even Right Now

Written by: Pearl Steinberg

July 22, 2016

We’ve all been there. When everything is so puppin’ ridiculous and you *can’t even* believe your life, or what she just said, or how he could’ve done that horrible thing… again. If you think you’re fed up with all the shenanigans, just imagine how your dog feels. Not only do they have to deal with the pups and downs of their own life, but they have to listen to yours too — and trust us, they’re doing their best but sometimes they just… can’t, well, you know.

1. When you put on your freshest outfit but still cant even with this dirty car.



2. Or this pup, who loves a good selfie but just can’t even when someone tries to photobomb. #CanYouNot



3. “But… Didn’t you go to work yesterday? No. I can’t even do this again. Not today, I just can’t.”



4. When you can’t even because you went diggin’ for trash and wound up lookin’ trashy…



5. “My name’s Baxter NOT Scooby Doo… and if one more person calls me Scooby at the dog park… I’m sick of it. I just can’t even.”



6. “I just can’t even with this girl… it’s called piggy back for a reason, not doggy back.”



7. When you’ve had a long day, but your friend starts talking about her long day like you don’t have problems too, and you just can’t even with her right now.



8. When you know it’s important to be social but sometimes you can’t even with your friends.



9. When work is ruff, and you can’t even with your co-workers but luckily wine always works over time.



10. There’s a time and a place for Frisbee. If it’s neither the time nor the place, don’t even try to catch it because you can’t even.

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11. You get the pumpkin spice latte every day. You know all the baristas personally… and they spelled your name wrong AGAIN? #CantEven



12. Walks don’t even count if they’re less than three hours. Everyone knows that and you can’t even with your human because she’s acting like an hour is “a long time.”



13. When your roommate is watching Keeping Up with the Corgdashians and you can’t even because you TOLD her you wanted to watch Animal Planet tonight.



14. When Snap is life, but you can’t even with your friend’s filter fetish.



15. Holding hands is great, but sometimes you can’t even when you need your personal space.



16. And forget about personal space, there are times when you just can’t even with the whole world… and for those times? You do what you gotta do.


Featured image via @Earlthegrump

Written by: Pearl Steinberg

July 22, 2016