10 Dogs Who Bristle With Rage At The Sight Of A Toilet

Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

July 2, 2013

We all know the love affair that some dogs have with drinking out of that beautiful porcelain indoor spring. But not all pups love the commode. Some hate it with a burning passion. (And the wee Yorkies seem to foster the deepest hatred.)

1. This Dachshund thinks that some of her treats got flushed down the john.

2. Lilly is too small to see what exactly is going on inside that white throne, but she will make sure nothing escapes the edges.

3. Duke thinks that the toilet brush is a mysterious prickly beast that needs to leave his house NOW.

4. This Pug is just frantic about getting that magically-appearing water OUT.

5. Titan successfully fights off the flushing toilet.

6. This pup had the perfect piece of poo to leave as a gift on the floor and this porcelain bowl is TAKING IT AWAY!

7. This Yorkie will fight that mysterious growling beast out of his house if it’s the last thing he ever does.

8. This Pug’s owners have no idea how he came to be in this predicament.


9. Bentley is a seasoned toilet killer.

10. And this Jack Russel Terrier needs a mop. And probably some anger-management therapy.

Featured image via The Nest

Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

July 2, 2013