This Pittie Pup Was On Death’s Door Until Love Transformed Her

She was alone, in pain, and furless. Little pup Peach was rescued with a severe case of mange. She had no family of her own.

1 peach

She was found crying in a cardboard box on the streets of Manhattan. Luckily, her life was all about to change.

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Second Chance Rescue scooped this neglected baby up. They named her Peach. They bathed her. They dressed her in a tiny sweater for warmth.

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Then, a small miracle happened. Peach opened her eyes.

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Soon, she was whisked away into foster care for support with much needed love and snuggles.

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Bit by bit, Second Chance Rescue began sending out social media updates on Peach’s amazing recovery. She had a long road ahead of her, but boy, she was a trooper.

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Her skin healed. It was time to find her forever home.

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Eddie Brito began following Peach’s story on Facebook. He fell in love and instantly knew that he had to save her.

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And he rescued her! Eddie renamed Peach to Schultzie. Now, she’s a not-so-little sister to a 14 year old Pit Bull Terrier.

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Schultzie has lots of love and energy. She greets her family every day as if it’s been forever since she last kissed and played with them. Her new family couldn’t be happier: “Everyone that meets her falls in love with her instantly.”

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For more pupdates, follow Schultzie’s Facebook page. If you want to bring a rescue pup into your life, find true love with BarkBuddy!

H/t via Inside Edition
Featured image via Peach’s Fight Back From The Brink

Stephanie Valente

7 years ago