13 Problems All Drooly Dog Parents Can Understand

Ahhhh slobber. It's the hallmark of certain dog breeds. It can go from adorable to downright icky in less than 30 seconds. (It's ok to admit it. It doesn't mean you love your drooly dog any less!:)) There are some unique things that only dog parents with slobbery dogs can understand like: 1. Your dog shaking near you basically means you get a nice slobber shower. drooool 2. You feel extremely guilty for enjoying your yummy flavorful food cause their begging face comes with SO. MUCH. DROOL. ew. ew. droo 3. That same drooly look gets them ANYTHING they want because it's just so darn irresistible. Puppy drool 4. That moment when you realize you can't have nice things...because drool. dog shame drool 2 5. When you feel something wet and are instantly terrified 'cuz you can't tell if it's water, drool or pee!!!!!!! drool bubble 6. You constantly find drool all over your dog (not just the face area). dog shaming drool 3 7. You have go-to slobber solutions like this DIY drool bib. dog shaming 5 8. And I'm sure y'all are familiar with the slobber waterfall? Drool fall 9. You jump into bed and finding your pillow damp with drool on a daily basis. dog shaming drool 1 10. Teaching your dogs discipline with positive reinforcement means dealing with buckets and buckets of spit. drool when mom cooks 11. Let's not forget the number of times you've almost injured yourself due to drool puddles. Dog shaming slobber 12. Your windows don't just have dog nose smudges; they have drool veneers. Cleaning up drool 13. You know that nothing compares to the slobbery kisses you get from your drooly dog! brown newfies

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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