This Mashup Music Video Starring Puppies Will Warm Your Soul, Melt Your Heart, And Rock Your World

Just when you thought Ed Sheeran's music couldn't get any sweeter, and Marvin Gaye's music couldn't get any more luscious, East Love had to go and perform a mashup of "Thinking Out Loud" and "Let's Get It On". The song is awesome, obviously, but it's the video (ohmydogthevideo) that is punch-you-in-the-gut good and tickle-you-in-the-pits adorable!
According to the band's Facebook page, the video was shot with help from a few New York City shelters: Hempstead Town Animal Shelter, Bideawee, Unleashed NY, and Rock and Rawhide. Five of the dogs in the video are up for adoption, too! The pit mix, Remi:
The Border Collie mixes, Paris and Freddy:
And the floppy eared mutts, Boomer and Stuie:
Finally your chance to take home a rock star!
With groupies as cute as these, East Love is sure to hit the big time! Way to go, guys!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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