Woman Rescues Deaf Great Dane Puppy, Pens Emotional Letter To Neglectful Past Owner

Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 27, 2015

With hearts as big as their feet, Great Danes are just chock full of love to give, though this pup’s first home didn’t agree with that enough to keep her. Luckily, that’s exactly what Marion Dwyer, who rescued the dog from Louisiana Great Dane Rescue, could see in those big blue eyes.

She named the pup Echo.

echo blue eyes

The stunning Dane was rescued after her former owner surrendered the “useless, not able to deal with” deaf Great Dane. A year later, Dwyer shares Echo’s story in hopes that people will think twice before giving up on their animals.

“To the girl that ‘had to get rid of’ the nameless and ‘useless, not able to deal with’ puppy with a belly full of rocks a year ago: Thank you for giving her to rescue instead of putting her down like you had threatened in your Facebook post.”

echo skinny

“I just want you to know that she’s safe, although I doubt that you care. Because you didn’t care that she was hungry or thirsty. Didn’t care that she was filthy. Didn’t care that she was deaf. You did care that she was a free puppy and took her home from the BYB who is just as guilty as you are.

“Did you comfort her when she cried the first night she was away from her mother and siblings? Did you hold and pet her when she got scared in her new ‘home’? I like to think that you did do at least that for her.”

echo closeup

“I don’t know if it was you or her ‘breeder’ who decided to spay her at 6/7 weeks old. But I want you to know that she doesn’t seem to have suffered any damage from that surgery at a way too early age. She is only alive because of the Louisiana Great Dane Rescue that always keeps an eye out for dogs that are discarded like her. And we are happy that they chose us to adopt Echo. See, that’s what we named her.”

echo pet store

“We figured even though she is deaf she deserves a name, just like any other pet or person… Do you know that she knows a bunch of ASL signs that we use to communicate with her? I doubt you even still think of her anymore.

“She gets three meals a day and it took me a long time to get her to trust me that there will ALWAYS be another meal and that she doesn’t have to eat rocks and other things she found outside. And that she doesn’t have to try and drink as much water until she got sick because there would always be more water later.

echo drinking

“Yes, she is very spoiled and may not always ‘listen’ to me when I tell her to do something but she sure couldn’t be any more loved. She is my heart dog and every person and dog that meets her loves her immediately.”

echo on bed

“I am working with her on therapy dog training to get her registered as a Therapy Dog so I can take her to all kinds of places where she can bring love and joy to people in need of just that. I just wanted you to know that she’s safe and loved, even though you will probably never get to read these words.”

echo tongue out

For more updates about Echo, check out Dwyer’s blog and follow Echo on Instagram and Facebook.

H/t Precious Stills Photography & @echothedeafdane

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 27, 2015

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