Watch This Dog Saved From Dogfighting Share A Bath With His Canine Siblings

I’ll never forget the first time I gave my dog Lady a bath. I still have some of the scars on my shoulders from where her tiny needly claws dug in out of sheer panic. I wrapped her in a towel afterwards and tried to rock her to sleep but there was only weariness in our eyes and regret in our hearts.


I thought back then that everyone struggles with their dogs when it’s time to get them all washed up. But I was wrong. SO wrong. Watch how Evan the Survivor, rescued from the second-largest dogfighting raid in US history, waits his turn patiently as his human washes him and his doggie buddies. The real MVP is the wiener who randomly pops up halfway through.

dachshund in bathtub

I’m back with my friends enjoying a nice warm bath. We all smell so fresh and clean! Xoxo, Toof-toof#367family

Posted by Evan the Survivor on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Featured image via Evan The Survivor/Facebook

Nicole Zalat

6 years ago