Jimmy Fallon’s Psychic Dog Predicts Kentucky Derby Winner

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 4, 2015

We weren’t the only pup ruvers making the most out of this year’s Kentucky Derby.

On April 30, Jimmy Fallon’s Puppy Predictor segment took a gamble with 16 adorable dogs running a mock race. Each Labrador puppy represented one of the top favorites in the real race.

Motivated by a trough of delectable kibble, the 16 pups took off for the finish line at record speed.

Make that 14 dogs. Two of them were totally over it and slept through the whole thing, making themselves the cutest losers on the planet.

sleeping derby dog

One pup was most definitely not going to let that kibble go to waste. Number 4, American Pharoah’s fuzzybutt stand-in was first to the trough, beating out his fellow Labs.

Unless you’ve had your head in the dirt digging for a bone, you know that the real American Pharoah won Saturday’s Race. This proves that, in addition to their persuasive powers of adorableness, puppies are also psychic.

They can sense earthquakes, medical events and now horse races. Is there anything dogs can’t do? Oh right, pick up their own poop.

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Puppy Predictors in action below.

Remember, the next time you want to know who will win a major sporting event, just ask your dog.

h/t and featured image via Bustle.

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 4, 2015