A Stray Dog’s Fear Turns Into Gratitude When Kind Humans Save Her From The Streets

A few months ago, Rescue From The Hart and Legend Animal Rescue, joined forces to help a homeless dog wandering around Los Angeles. After several days and a handful of helpers, the team was finally able to secure the dog (later named Skye) in a residential courtyard.

Having lived her whole life on the streets with no one to care for her, Skye was understandably leery of the people surrounding her. It’s hard to watch Skye so panicked, but it isn’t long before she realizes her captors are her protectors, and that her leash is actually a lifeline.

The big surprise (or better yet, ten little surprises) came once Skye got to the shelter.

Skye’s litter was adopted quickly. After a couple months of learning how to trust people and socialize, Skye was adopted in June. And by the looks of her second major motion picture (aka internet video), Skye is loving life at her new home, with her big brother, Ziggy! …Even when he sits on her. 🙂

Skye and Ziggy

CONGRATS TO SKYE ON GETTING ADOPTED!!!A few months ago, I shared with you our rescue video of Skye and her TEN babies . Watch it here: of her pups were super popular and they got adopted in a heartbeat into awesome homes, thanks to the hard work of our friends at Legend Animal Rescue. But Skye wasn't quite ready to be adopted just yet. She needed to go to training and learn to trust humans, which wouldn't be easy having lived her entire life on the streets. More than anything, we longed to see Skye happy and lighthearted and enjoying life like the puppies she raised.In late January, she began training with Melanie Sanders and she began making major progress. But we all agreed that regardless, it would take a very special family with the right kind of "country" life for Skye to thrive. As though we had imagined it perfectly, A past adopter contacted me letting me know they were looking to add a dog to their family. They wanted someone larger to play with their biggest dog and someone that would thrive on acres of land filled with all sorts of rescue animals. And they just so happened to be sending their big dog to Melanie to train for a few weeks.So, Melanie got to work to see if Ziggy and Skye could be pals. The video below is of Skye and Ziggy at their home today. What do you think? Do they like each other? LOL Their Mom reports that this goes on all day long and Ziggy is the happiest he's ever been now that he has his gal pal!Congrats to Skye on finding an awesome forever home! We love you sweet girl! We are so glad you found such a loving family that has helped heal your wounded soul.Big thanks to Legend Animal Rescue for helping care for this family and finding all 10 pups homes! And to Melanie Sanders for matching these two dogs!Be sure to watch Skye's rescue video here:

Posted by Rescue From The Hart on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Zoe Costello

7 years ago