“Find Momo” Is A Million Times Better Than “Where’s Waldo?” And “I Spy”

For those of you familiar with Momo, you already know he’s the dog world’s Waldo (or Wally, for all you across-the-pond mutherpuppers). For the rest of y’all, get ready to play hide-and-seek with a dog (we won’t judge you if you already do). Momo and his hooman Andrew Knapp have gathered an online following by posting pics of the handsome Border Collie on Instagram, where fans try to #findmomo in crowds of people, among colorful barrels, and down graffitied alleyways. Get the books, Find Momo: A Photography Book and Find Momo Coast to Coast, so your guests can find Momo, too! You can get more of Momo over on Instagram, Facebook, and Find Momo. To learn more about his hooman and the author of Find Momo, head on over to Andrew Knapp's site.

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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