This Major Airport Just Installed The First Bathroom For Dogs

Written by: Zoe Costello

October 23, 2015

You know how it is after a long flight, when the fasten-your-seatbelt sign stayed lit for almost all of the plane ride, and you had to wait forever to exit the plane, it feels like you’ve been ‘holding it’ for years. You finally approach the public restroom and see this:

toilet line

Well, dogs flying into O’Hare International Airport in Chicago no longer have to worry about waiting in line for the public pee-tree!

Oh yeah, I was talking to dogs in my opening paragraph. Was that not clear?

Besides being the world’s busiest airport, O’Hare just revamped their terminals in a way that really puts itself on the map. Airborne dogs now officially have their own indoor public bathroom at the Chicago airport!

The bathroom was designed with service dogs and their handlers in mind. According to a press release:

“It will enhance the traveling experience for individuals with disabilities because they no longer need to pass back through security to relieve their service animal.”


The bathroom bark-room is equipped with 2-foot-by-4-foot stand of artificial grass, complete with miniature fire hydrants for aim, and a pop-up sprinkler system to wash away puppy pee. Adorable.

Chicago Department of Aviation commissioner, Ginger Evans said in a news release on Tuesday:

“We are pleased to offer this new amenity for passengers, especially those who depend on the assistance of service animals when they travel through our airport. This is another way we are making O’Hare International Airport more accessible to the traveling public and creating a more welcoming environment for visitors to Chicago.”

So, next time you fly into Chicago with your four-legged friend, and he or she was filling up on peanuts and sipping cocktails throughout the flight, just look for that good ole blue-and-white sign.


Are they hiring for bark-room attendant??

H/t via Chicago Sun-Times.

Featured image via Froot

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Written by: Zoe Costello

October 23, 2015

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