17 Stages Of Being A First-time Puppy Parent

Written by: Laura Hartle

March 18, 2014

You can consult all of the books, get all of the advice, read all of the forums… and still that little ball of fluff can ruff up the best laid plans. But even with all that canine chaos, you know you wouldn’t change a minute of sweet puppyhood.

1. “You know, I think I want a puppy… OMG why are there literally puppies everywhere I look now?”

corgie puppies giphy

2. “Ok, I’ve really thought about it. I’ve got the time, money and ruv to spend on this pup. Let’s do this!”

3. “Online. Research. Wormhole! So many breeds/sizes/cute dog bed options. Ahhh! There are 100 pages of pugs on Petfinder!”


4. “Organic food? Check. Way too many new toys for new bundle of joy? Check. Enough pee pads? Oh, totally check (Hahahahahahahaha). I got this.”


5. “I’m in ruv! I’ve met the pup of my dreams, and we are going to fall asleep snuggled together every night. You are pawfection!”


6. “Welcome home, my new prince/princess. This is your castle, and you shall want for neither toys nor snuggles nor treats ever again!”


7. 10 Minutes Later: “Poop! Poop everywhere!”


8. “Aw, but it’s so cute when you’re all sleepy like that.”


9. “Seriously, POOP EVERYWHERE! No one told me of the poopocalypse.”


10. “That sweet puppy breath, those soft, uncalloused paw pads. This is everything I dreamed it would be.”


11. “Why won’t you eat? Should I call the vet? I’ll call the vet.”

tatertot anigif_enhanced-20380-1415593477-18

12. “Oh, you’re just not used to your new environment and food. That was an expensive realization.”


13. “I can’t get anything done. I just want to snug on you and watch you do anything.”




15. “You’re getting the hang of fetch! You….oh…nope.”


16. “Aw, look at you sleeping. So cute. Wait… are you breathing???? WAKE UP!”


17. “I can’t believe I can feel such big love for something so tiny.”


Featured Image via Erik Lutman

Written by: Laura Hartle

March 18, 2014