Turn Your Pup Into A Pretty Little Flower With This Easy DIY

When you're a dog, there is nothing more humiliating than having to don the dreaded Cone of Shame for all to see. But life is short, you can either hide in the corner, tail between your legs, or embrace the awkwardness by transforming that fashion faux paw into something one-of-a-kind, just in time for Howl-o-ween! supplies You Will Need: (for a small cone) - Felt: 3 swatches for your main & secondary color, 2 swatches per any additional - Hot Glue Gun & Sticks - Scissors - Cone of Shame - *Not Pictured* - Velcro Select your main color and fold a swatch in half, starting on the fold, cut out the shape of a petal making sure to leave the base of the petal attached. Unfold and it should look something like this: petal Repeat until you have enough petals to surround your cone. (This will vary depending on the size of cone and how wide you made your petals). petals Take your first petal and position it on the cone by wrapping it like so: fold Finalize the position and hot glue along the inner edge. If you're unsure about the exact size of the dog's neck, I suggest you don't hot glue the tips of the petals together but rather Velcro them so you can access all of the holes when you go to try the cone on. velcro For the rest of the petals (except the ones on either adjoining edge) you can simply hot glue the tips together. Continue until you've completed your first layer of petals. one layer Choose your second color and repeat, this time making the petals a little thinner than the first layer. two layers Glue the backs of the petals to the cone so that they stay put and don't hang down. Finish it off with a few accent petals and let the glue dry. final Now pull the first layer of petals you put down in front of the second layer to give it more dimension. petal

& Voilà!


Ally Nesmith

6 years ago

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