Dog Who Was Left To Die In A Suitcase Finds His Forever Home

Written by: Will Storie

November 13, 2015

Starving, stuffed in a suitcase and left for dead, this Pit Bull mix had no way of knowing his life would ever turn around. But through the efforts of the ASPCA and the NYPD, and with the love of a caring human, he’s finally got his chance at the life that all dogs deserve.

The 3-year-old dog, named Fraggle by his rescuers, was found in the Bronx this January – zipped up in a suitcase and discarded in a dumpster. Starved and dehydrated, Fraggle had to receive emergency treatment right after his discovery. It’s not clear if he could’ve survived had he been found even a few hours later.


“He wasn’t stable for a good two or three weeks,” ASPCA veterinarian Robert Reisman recalled. “There were lots of things wrong with him when he came in. It’s great he made it back this far — some don’t.”

Sadly, the person who inflicted this abuse on Fraggle hasn’t been found. But we’re thrilled to hear that after a few months in ASPCA care, Fraggle was adopted, and now he’s getting the love and attention he always deserved.


Jobanny Estrella-Elmonis, a hotel manager in Queens, adopted Fraggle as a companion to her dog Grace. In her house, he’s “Prince Fraggle,” and he slowly but surely keeps gaining weight and finding his place. According to Jobanny, poor Fraggle is scared of wind and rain and the sounds of jet planes, but he’s happy and comfortable in the house. He shares a bed with Grace, gets plenty of toys and all the food he needs, and always has a playmate.

“I have a lot of patience with him,” Jobanny said. “You feel bad and want to give him everything he was lacking before.”


Thank you Jobanny for making Prince Fraggle’s dreams come true!

Featured Image & h/t The New York Daily News

Written by: Will Storie

November 13, 2015