13 Of The Cattiest Dog Friendships You’ll Ever See

You know you have one: that friend who you love to spend time with, but that you secretly hope doesn't get promoted, or married, or happy. Don't worry. We're not here to judge. In fact, here's a few pups in the same situation. Meet 13 pairs of the most adorable frenemies to have ever love-hated one another. 1. "OMG it was so great to see you! Give us a kiss." #Tramp shiba_kojiura 2. "She's a great friend, but she's been telling the same cat joke for the last 28 dog years..." peazeey 3. "Don't talk to me right now, Gary. I'm not in the mood." mangochris 4. "Two things. That's NOT his bed, and he farts." #BFFs madebyhank 5. "She's only nice after she pees on the rug. Right before she blames me." matteogld 6. "Like, when I said I want to go to the dog park, I totally didn't mean with you." creamy527 7. "Isn't cuddle time the best!" #Right #TheBest augiedoggy.com_ 8. "Look, I take back what I said about your balls. I'm sure mom and dad never meant to lose them." mammabearali 9. "Stop with the selfies already!" #OverIt lageminis 10. "Because the last time I went in the water with him he said a jellyfish was a chew toy!" sumostix 11. "I said we'll have salads! We're watching our weight." #ButIWantCheeseFries yoondury 12. "It's nice of you to comfort me, but since you're the one who knocked me off the bed, promise not to do it again." #Mkay inanelover 13. Sure they look cute now, but they'll be fighting over breakfast. hollyandhans
Featured image via @yoondury Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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