German Shepherd Chained To Balcony Is Rescued After Jump Leaves Her Hanging

Written by: Nicole Zalat

April 5, 2016

**Warning: Images below may disturb some readers, especially tiny humans.**

Imagine being tied up on a concrete balcony, seeing all the life happening on the streets below while you can only dream of freedom. For one dog in Egypt, this was a daily reality.


Bella the German Shepherd took a fateful leap one day after spending her young life chained up on her owner’s balcony in Cairo. Maybe she thought she could run away. Maybe, for once, she forgot about the rusted chain holding her back. Maybe she just didn’t care anymore.


She hung for hours from the balcony she had called home as people watched from over three stories below, unable to help the screaming dog until rescuers arrived. By the time she was pulled back up to safety, it was almost too late.


The chain had cut into her neck, leaving a severe wound that would require immediate medical care. Rescuers estimate that she was hanging for five hours. Her bones were visible under her skin and fur.


Thankfully, kind humans stepped in to get this sweet girl the help she desperately needed. The Egyptian Society For Mercy To Animals (ESMA) provided Bella with medical care, and contacted Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) in the United States. Together, they helped Bella get to a foster home in Massachusetts, where she recovered while waiting for a forever family.


There, Bella got to go to the dog park for the first time, and she took to the water like a natural. She even made some friends!


Today she lives in Houston, Texas. She has a backyard far bigger and greener than the concrete balcony she once leapt from. She has humans who love her and a dog sibling with whom she can play and watch TV like a spoiled pupper.

Best of all, Bella never has to live in fear again.

To help other dogs like Bella, visit SNARR. You can also follow them on Facebook to get updates on dogs currently in need of a loving home.

H/t TheDodo
Featured image via SNARR/Facebook

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

April 5, 2016

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