Golden Retriever With Braces Is A Lot Happier About It Than Most Teenagers

Dogs need dentists, too! Especially Wesley, whose protruding teeth were keeping him from closing his mouth completely. Luckily Dr. Moore of Harborfront Hospital for Animals is trained in orthodontics and was able to fit Wesley with a set of custom braces.


According to the hospital’s original Facebook post (which does not appear to be on their page any longer), Wesley doesn’t mind his new accessories one bit. This pup can look forward to a perfect bite in just a few weeks! Just take a look at those fabulous toofers!

Meet Wesley, the adorable puppy with braces!

Meet Wesley, the adorable puppy with braces!

Posted by BuzzFeed Animals on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Doggie braces are only done as a medical necessity, and even that it is quite rare. Now that Wesley’s on the way to chomping correctly, he can munch on all the treats he wants without a hitch. Just make sure you tell him when there’s something stuck in there.

This little guy’s ready to start middle school, stat!

Featured Image via Harborfront Hospital for Animals/Facebook

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago