10 Times Google Had The Answers For Why Your Dog Was Being Utterly Ridiculous

Written by: Laura Hartle

December 16, 2014

Google released the most searched dog questions of 2014, and, well, the pups of Dog Shaming had a lot to say about the results.

Note: Some of these are not for tiny humans!


1. Why do dogs bury bones?

What Dogs Say: “The better to hide the evidence, my dear.”


What Google Says:


2. How to introduce dogs

What Dogs Say: “Let us be ourselves. We’ll find our partner in weird.”


What Google Says:


3. How to stop dogs from digging

What Dogs Say: “Hire an interior decorator. I can’t keep fixing your bad decisions around here.”

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What Google Says:

“Dig This: How to Get Your Dog to Stop Digging” by The Humane Society, top search result

4. Why are dogs noses wet?

What Dogs Say: “It’s… complicated.”

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What Google Says:


5. How to clean dogs ears?

What Dogs Say: “What? He’s into it.”

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What Google Says:


6. Why do dogs chase their tails?

What Dogs Say: “Otherwise it’s squirrels. And you know what happens when it’s squirrels. So you’re welcome, mom.”

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What Google Says:


7. Why do dogs have whiskers?

What Dogs Say: “To let us know when we can’t fit into stuff. But hey, no systems perfect.”


Google Says:


8. Why do dogs howl?

What Dogs Say: “There’s only room for ONE baby in this family!”


What Google Says:


9. Do dogs dream?

What Dogs Say: “Dream it to achieve it, baby!”

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What Google Says:


10. Why do dogs eat grass?

What Dogs Say: “It’s all part of a master plan…”

Image via Dog Shaming

What Google Says:


Featured Image via Dog Shaming

Written by: Laura Hartle

December 16, 2014