Greyhound With Two Broken Legs Makes Miraculous Recovery

It’s a heartbreaking story that, thankfully, is on its way toward a happy ending for a beautiful 2-year-old Greyhound named Asha.

Although the popularity of Greyhound racing has been dramatically declining for years, it is still legal in a handful of states and frequently results in Greyhounds being seriously, often fatally, injured. Asha had raced over 41 times at the Caliente Racetrack in Tijuana before incurring minor injuries. Even with these injuries, Asha was made to race six more times which resulted in disaster when, just a few days before Christmas, she broke both of her hind legs.


Asha, renamed from her racing name Sweet Ambrosia, is lucky to be alive. Most Greyhounds who sustain injuries much less severe than hers are euthanized, either because they’ll never make a full recovery or because rehabilitation would be too costly.

Asha found herself with a pretty grim diagnosis until fate stepped and Asha was rescued by the Greyhound Adoption Center, a rescue organization which has saved the lives of over 6,000 Greyhounds and Greyhound mixes over the last 28 years. Although she was one of the worst cases they had ever seen, the team fell in love with Asha’s loving personality and took it upon themselves to ensure that she got every opportunity to live a full, happy life.


Asha’s surgery went well and she now finds herself romping around in two huge casts. It will be several months of recovery and a whole lot of TLC before she is ready to find her forever home, but we’re glad to hear Asha’s darkest days are behind her.


The Greyhound Adoption Center rescues and rehabilitates 150 dogs annually relying solely on donations and volunteers. To make a donation visit them here and make a difference to Asha and dogs like her.

Featured image via San Diego Union Tribune

H/t to San Diego Union Tribune & The Dodo

Ally Nesmith

6 years ago