We Just Learned About The Grossest Invention Of 2015

We dog lovers fall into many camps, politically. Some say “Dogs Rule, Cats Drool.” Others say “Dogs Rule, But Cats Are Cool.” Others would argue that “Dogs Rule And Drool But Drool Is Cool And Cats Are Fools.”


In 2015, our hope of keeping the peace was gravely strained by the controversial product that can only be described- and I say this with all respect- as a stinky and horrible nightmare.

I refer, of course, to “Scent Of Cat Forehead.”

fabric water

Felissimo, a mail order company based in Japan, developed this as a fabric spray- you know, just in case you want to infect your chairs and couches with a faint whiff of lazy condescension. Sorry! Ugh, I’ll try to be diplomatic. We can get along, right?


The scent was developed partly with help from customer survey responses, with respondents likening the scent of their cat’s forehead to “the smell of sunshine” or “a futon drying in the sun.” The head of Yamamoto Perfumery even smelled cat’s foreheads to help refine the formula over four months of development. That poor, poor man.

man smell cat

So, thanks 2015: for being the year that tricked our dogs into eating the couch. Well, moreso.


h/t Buzzfeed, Featured Image via Rocket News 24

Will Storie

6 years ago