Man Answers Question “What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?” Hint: Dogs Are Involved

Matt Hein, former finance worker in London, decided that the early mornings and excessive commute weren’t worth his time. In fact, he combined two of his all-time favorite things — being in nature, and dogs — and turned it into the best job ever.

Every morning, Hein heads to the homes of several pups and packs ’em up in his dog-walkin’-mobile. Their destination? The beautiful Norwegian forests — great for Matt, and the best thing ever for the dogs.

Instead of being cooped up inside all day while their parents work, these dogs get to roam through forests and burn off some energy. It’s a perfect recipe for all parties, and Hein enjoys every moment.

Check out the pawesome short film below documenting the life-changing decision, called “Portrait Of A Dog Walker.”

H/t & Featured Image via Vimeo

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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