Here’s An App That Can Save Your Dog’s Life

Written by: Melina Giakas

October 22, 2015

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As the proud pup parent of two I know how stressful caring for a dog can be. There’s no doubt my dogs have caused me a few gray hairs and extra grief over the past few years. Like all those times I found Levi eating miscellaneous fluff or that time Molly came back inside with bright red fur and paws. I started crying thinking she had been in some wild dogfight only to find out she had stepped in a can of paint.

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False alarms aside there have been plenty of times I’ve wished I could have asked the vet a quick question or wondered if I actually needed to bring my dog to the vet. This is especially true during holidays or on weekends when my vet’s office is closed and the only alternative is the animal hospital. If you’ve ever felt the same way we’ve found the pupfect app for you.

Vet On Demand is the first app that provides a solution for all my pup parenting worries. The app delivers personalized care through real time access to their network of vets. What that means is after downloading, you can enter your dog’s information along with a question. A vet will then video call you back to discuss the issue.

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Being the curious little pups we are here at BarkPost we decided to try it out with two of our pawffice pups – Levi and Ziggy. The vet we spoke showed a genuine care for our dogs and the app was a breeze to maneuver through. Here’s a little more detail on how it worked!

First we downloaded the Vet On Demand app. After downloading, we were prompted to enter information about our dogs including: gender, age, breed and size. We then selected “new consultation” where we entered our question for the vet. After submitting we received a text message notifying us Dr.Gerardi was ready for a call.

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Once connected, Dr.Gerardi was able to take a look at both Ziggy and Levi through a video call and spoke with us for about 20 minutes. She was personable and offered great advice for both Ziggy and Levi’s conditions along with some everyday care tips. Afterwards a full report was typed up and sent over to us.

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One of the apps best features is the digital health record it keeps along with a write up of each call. This is great for taking a look back at any of the information you received. You can also view vet credentials in their “About Me” section, view / rate vets, see if they are online / offline, “like” your favorite vets and request to speak with them in the future.

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Overall we’d give our experience two paws up! We received a quick response and didn’t feel rushed through our conversation with Dr.Gerardi. The app was easy to use and even affordable. Users can choose to subscribe for either 2 calls a month ($14.95), 5 calls a month ($29.95) or call in without a subscription for a single consultation ($25).

Vet On Demand is currently available for download on Androids and iPhones through the app store. Check it out and use the code BARKPOST for a free one-month subscription!

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Written by: Melina Giakas

October 22, 2015

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