Pibble Who Looks Like A Tiny Hippo Is A Blur Of Wiggles On Her Freedom Walk

The lovable, blocky-headed muscle butt you are about to see is Aimee, and thanks to one family, she will finally experience what it feels like to be loved. Aimee was adopted from the high intake Carson Animal Care Center in Los Angeles. Because the shelter is often at maximum capacity, they are forced to euthanize many of the dogs who come under their care.


We don’t have information as to Aimee’s life before she arrived at Carson, but her ears are cropped very short and her head, chest and forelimbs show signs of scarring. She is a Pit Bull-type dog, the breed most likely to be used for dogfighting and least likely to leave a shelter alive. The odds were not in Aimee’s favor, but she is proof that miracles do happen.


On the day of her adoption, Aimee is ecstatic and repeatedly loves up on a nearby shelter visitor. Once outside she is so overwhelmed with joy that she can hardly focus. Aimee has beaten the odds and is off to live the rest of her life in comfort and peace—a fate we wish for every shelter dog.

AIMMEE (PHOENIX) has to be the cutest little hippo that ever took her FREEDOM RUN out of the Shelter into the arms of…

Posted by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Featured Image via Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago