Home Depot Employees Build Wheelchair For Paralyzed Dog

Rebecca Pierce was shocked to return from vacation and find that her pup, Wally, was paralyzed! He had been boarded at her vet's kennel when he suddenly was unable to use his hind legs anymore. The vets are currently investigating the cause (believed to be a herniated disc in his spine).
Image via Fox News
In the meantime, Pierce decided to make Wally a wheelchair using YouTube tutorials as her guide, but, she never guessed that she would find way more than she bargained for when she went to get supplies from the New Tampa Home Depot. Employees Debbie Klaczynski and Greg Worrell spent two hours making Wally the pawfect wheelchair and management covered the costs! "She's going to have an incredible amount of bills with this guy. This was an easy fix for us," Klaczynski said. Wally is showing signs of improvement thanks thanks to his caring mom and regular appointments with a doggy chiropractor, but, for now, he's cruisin' around quite nicely on his new set of wheels.
h/t to Fox News

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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