UPDATED: Mystery Pup Finally Finds Love But Needs Our Help To Get Well

Written by: Will Storie

November 6, 2015

UPDATE: Stray From The Heart is happy to let Barkpost know that Hope’s condition is improving. They relayed this message from Maria, the volunteer partner in Puerto Rico who rescued Hope:

She is doing so well, happier and with more energy. Her scabs have almost all fallen out. She has a great appetite. Changed her to softened dry food because her stool was becoming very soft.

Stray From The Heart exceeded their $5000 fundraising goal for Hope, and they send their heartfelt thank you to everyone who made a difference. All the money they raise in fundraisers works to rehabilitate and re-home homeless and neglected dogs.

Due to people’s extreme generosity, we have raised much more money than we thought we would. We are planning on using these funds to pay Hope’s medical bills directly to the vet and reimburse Hope’s rescuer for any funds she has put towards Hope’s care. Eventually, we will also use any extra money to have Hope spayed and vaccinated, as well as for all medication, follow-up vet visits, and air transport once she is ready to find a forever home in the United States.

hope again

If Stray From the Heart is left with any money after Hope’s recovery, Stray from the Heart will use it to help other dogs in need. Unfortunately, there are many Hopes out there and they can only continue to do the work we do with your continued support.


A friend of Barkpost sent along the harrowing story of this dog, recently recovered by Stray from the Heart in Puerto Rico.


Named “Hope” by her rescuers, they are urgently seeking help with her medical bills as they work to save her life and return her to the health and happiness that every dog deserves. From their GoFundMe page, they posted this update this afternoon:

Hope’s vet exam went well. Her CBC was normal and is negative for heartworm — thank God! But she does have Sarcoptic mange and tested positive for Erlichia ​and ​Anaplasmosis. Both conditions are related to tick bites and will be treated with antibiotics. Her skin is so deteriorated that it is difficult to figure out her breed or even her age. Even her teeth looked cracked from possibly eating rocks, which is typical in starving Strays in Puerto Rico.

Hope will be getting medicated baths for next few weeks, and will be getting a diet high in Omega-3 to help heal and promote healthy skin. Her recovery will be slow, but we promise to take very good care of her and find her a loving home as soon as she is healthy and ready to travel.


You can support Hope’s treatment and keep updated on her story by checking out her GoFundMe page.


Follow Stray From The Heart on Facebook.

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Written by: Will Storie

November 6, 2015

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