Why Losing Weight Could Mean A Much Longer Life For Your Dog

The canine obesity epidemic. The name itself sounds a bit like a satirical Onion article but it isn't a joking matter. Obesity in any species is a life-threatening thing but it is a solvable problem for our beloved pups. [caption id="attachment_13821" align="aligncenter" width="671"]obie obese dachshund Obie the dachshund is one pup with an incredible story. With help from his new mom, he lost over 50% of his body weight and is a Facebook superstar.[/caption] In the US alone, there are 70-78 million dogs and about half of them are overweight. That adds up to more than 35 million overweight pups. In addition, a recent study confirms that being just moderately overweight shortens your pup's lifespan by more than 14%. That means that being overweight for a dog is deadlier than a lifetime of smoking for a human. (!!!) [caption id="attachment_13822" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Photo from Cheezburger. Photo from Cheezburger.[/caption] Part of the problem with canine obesity is that many pup parents innocently (but mistakenly) believe that their dogs are in pawfect shape when they're actually overweight. For humans, its much easier to calculate calories when you're on a diet. For dogs, it's much more difficult. Just look at a dog food bag. The labels are stinkin' useless when it comes to calculating the caloric intake of your pup. If you want to help your dog lose weight it takes research and some proactive moves to figure out how many calories your pup needs from that kibble. kibblr_food That's where this new app-in-the-making comes in. It's called Kibblr and it helps you figure out the pawfect amount of food for your pup.
Started by Ironman athlete Daniel ("Coach Dan") Schulof, Kibblr makes it so that you don't need an advanced degree to tell you how much to feed your dog. Coach Dan has been researching and writing his book, "Fit Dogs Live Forever" for over two years. He considers the book his life's work and is very passionate about canine fitness. [caption id="attachment_13814" align="aligncenter" width="288"]Coach Dan and his pup, Cody. Coach Dan and his pup, Cody.[/caption] Coach Dan wanted Kibblr to be insanely easy to use. You tell Kibblr about your dog, then Kibblr tells you exactly how much of your dog's specific food your dog really needs. Kibblr's algorithms are based on published, peer-reviewed veterinary research and the Kibblr database includes hundreds of common dog foods (and updates regularly), so any dog owner can use it.
The Kibblr app is almost ready to go, but Coach Dan and the rest of his team need a little help from dog ruvers like us to take the first version of the app over the goal line. To find out more about Kibblr and the rest of Daniel's paw-jects, head over to Indiegogo to get the Kibblr app for when it comes out! Best of luck to Coach Dan and the rest of his team. Paws crossed they can get this launched! Pupdate on 7/14: Just a few days left to help Coach Dan + team reach the goal to get Kibblr to be a reality! cody3 Featured image via Your Pet Friends.

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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