Huge News for the Pups in the Picture that Broke the Internet

A couple weeks back we re-paw-ted on the pups Kyra and Delaware from Fulton County Animal Services in Georgia who got caught in the most adorable snapshot on the whole internet. The photo, taken by Beth at the Tucker Farm, showed the young dogs cuddling together in their shared space at the shelter.

A few days ago the Friends of Fulton County Facebook page announced that Kyra and Delaware were adopted together!

The Facebook page read, “This is a very happy day here at FCAS! They are going to be some very spoiled babies! So many people have been fighting for these two and it has paid off. Sharing saves lives… Happy tails, sweet girls!!”


While Kyra and Delaware found a happy ending, there are so many pups who still need help all over the country including Manny and Typhoon, another pair of cuddly pups at Fulton County.


For more info on Manny and Typhoon, check out the article on Life With Dogs or visit Fulton Animal Services. <3

Stacie Grissom

8 years ago