Hugh Jackman Just Made The Most Adorable Confession Ever

In a recent interview with Magic Radio's Jo Parkerson, dog dad hottie Hugh Jackman proved he's one of us crazy dog parents.
The proud pooch papa of two adorable tail-waggers, Dali (the Frenchie) and Allegra (the poodle/terrier cross), Jackman is often seen out and about with them.
On the show, Jackman gushed about his pups, talking about how much he loved them and missed them when he was away.
Jackman shared, "I do Skype my dogs. I love that, the whole Skype, Facetime thing. Technology is great. You know, your fans find a way and they come every night to see you. It wasn't for me. They're asking about, 'The dogs, - when are the dogs coming?' Because I was taking the puppy into the theater. They came to see the puppy. They didn't care about me. I mean I love my dogs, I get it, they're way more interesting than me."
Yep. We couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Jackman. Technology is indeed pretty darn awesome. Especially, Camio, that app that not only lets you watch your dog's adorable shenanigans while you're away but also let's you talk to your fuzz-butt and share the silly things they do with all your friends and family! A winner indeed!
H/t to The Record

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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