Human Family Adopts Dog Battling Cancer and Makes Her a Bucket List

Written by: Stephanie Figy

July 30, 2014

Marsha, an American-bulldog mix, had a ruff life. She entered the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley with a myriad of problems — an infection, a broken toe, a bullet in her elbow… Just to name a few. (Oof!) But all of these issues didn’t stop volunteer Judy Jaros from falling in love with the dog.


Judy decided to adopt Marsha, but the day she was set to take her home, they got more bad news when they out that Marsha had stage three skin cancer. “So what could we do? We had to adopt her then!” Jaros said to K-USA TV. “Her prognosis isn’t good, but we just decided she doesn’t have an expiration date.”


Instead of giving up, the Jaroses decided they’d give Marsha all the love they had to offer. They created a pup bucket list and today they take Marsha on her favorite adventures every day.


Marsha loves fly fishing– even though every time her dad casts the net she thinks he’s throwing a ball. Her outdoorsy hobbies don’t stop there. She loves the mountains…


…And hiking…


…But every once in a while, she needs time to settle down for a cozy nap.


When Marsha’s time to go comes, this family knows they will have given her all the happiness and love they could.


“She had a really hard life. She deserves a chance. And yeah, it might break the bank, but it’s money. Whatever. She’s brought us more joy, she’s just priceless to us, so it was worth it,” Jaros said.

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Written by: Stephanie Figy

July 30, 2014