Shirtless Hunks And Adorable Pups Flaunt Their Bods To Help Rescue Dogs

Written by: Zoe Costello

September 23, 2015

You know what they say, time flies when your looking at dogs and babes. And Louie’s Legacy, a non-profit shelter in New York and Ohio, are making sure the days go by as handsomely as pawsible. For the second year running, Louie’s Legacy teamed up with famous photographer, Mike Ruiz to make the sexcellent, the thunderful, the wagnificent, Hunks & Hounds calendar. Hooray!

Which one of you are looking for somebody to go home with? hunk6

Last year’s Hunks & Hounds calendar was such a massive success, that the good people at Louie’s Legacy have rewarded our thirst with two, yes two, Hunks & Hounds 2016 calendar options to chose from. Photographer extraordinaire and Pit Bull advocate, Mike Ruiz certainly has us wishing there were more days in the year! And puppy dog eyes and pecs aside, the pictures are fabulous.

That puppy has the prettiest eyes and the sexiest body. Wait, what? hunk3

Ruiz told The Huffington Post:

“We paired hulking men with sweet rescues to convey the idea that these animals need protection from the cruelty and indifference that exists in the world of discarded and abused dogs. If that isn’t apparent to some, then we hope that they will appreciate the delicious eye candy!”

Oops! Let me help you get some of my that dog’s drool off your chest. hunk4

Let’s be honest I would buy a calendar filled with handsome dudes holding puppies even if the pictures were selfies taken with a ten year old flip phone, but thanks to Mike Ruiz’s gorgeous shots, my boy craziness feels a little more high-brow.

Are both of you available? hunk5

And luckily for us, Louie’s Legacy is offering both calendars at a discounted price. It’s the total package in a package deal!

Even better, all profits go to dogs in need at Louie’s Legacy. Founder Emily Gear says Hunks & Hounds have become the groups biggest fundraiser, and speaking about the 2015 calendar, she said:

“last year’s calendar helped us save animals like Damien, a Rottweiler who required $6,000 in hip surgery in addition to his regular vet expenses, and others like him.”

Welp. I’m in heat. hunk

Get turned on for a great cause and buy your calendars now!

Then, you know, hop in a cold shower. 😉

Bow wow chicka wow wow. hunk2

H/t and Featured image via The Huffington Post

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Written by: Zoe Costello

September 23, 2015

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