Husky Pup Creates A Mess To End All Messes While Her Family Is Away

An imgur user uploaded a series of pictures of what happened when a family went to a movie and left their Husky home alone for a couple of hours. The family couldn’t imagine how their pup could cause such an incredible mess in such a short time, but BarkPost spoke to the Husky and got the full story.

1. First of all, the Husky knows how it must have looked to come home to this muddy paw mess, but she can explain!


2. She was writing a haiku, but had no idea she got calligraphy ink* on her paws, because she was so busy while her family was away.


3. First, she was trying to stomp on a spider (her hooman hate spiders,) but it was actually just a piece of lint.


4. This was when Magic Mike came on television and everyone knows she can’t help herself when Channing Tatum comes on the screen.


5. This was from when she looking for her cell phone, which it was so weird because she “literally just had it.”


6. It was in her purse.


7. This was when she finally rearranged the spice rack, because she had been putting it off far too long.


8. This is where she was practicing her Irish step-dancing routine. She’s getting really good, thanks for asking.


9. This was when the downstairs neighbors started arguing and she was trying to tell them to keep it down.


10. This was when she wanted to take a long nap after her busy day, but remembered she isn’t allowed to jump on the bed uninvited.


Isn’t she so thoughful!? How was the movie?? 11

*Ink that’s 100% non-toxic to dogs or humans. 🙂

Featured image via Imgur

Zoe Costello

6 years ago