Surprise Delivery Of Four Pups On Icelandair Finds Crew Going Above And Beyond

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 11, 2015

When the workers at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport moved a dog crate to load it onto a Stockholm-bound flight, something was off. The dog inside the crate didn’t seem to be alone.

Looking harder, the staff confirmed that there was in fact more than one dog in the crate, but they quickly concluded that all the dogs weren’t supposed to be in the crate. How did they come to this conclusion? Most of the dogs in the crate were puppies.


The four unintended stowaways had not been in the crate when it was checked, meaning they had been born into it. A veterinarian was called to the scene while the workers found the owner of the dog, a man who goes by “Grandpa” Torsten.

Though it has yet to be determined whether Grandpa Torsten knew if the mother of the pups was pregnant at the time of check-in, it has been learned that the mother, a sled dog, is named Pepper.

After the veterinarian determined that the pups shouldn’t travel to Sweden with the mother, four of the Seattle-based Icelandair employees who were present for the discovery of the fresh pups each decided to adopt one of the dogs.


According to the airline’s Facebook page:

After consulting a veterinarian and considering the limited options for the puppies, our staff decided to step in and adopt them. Pepper returned home to Stockholm with her owner after spending time with them.

Though some folks are upset that Grandpa Torsten may have made the decision to travel with Pepper while she was pregnant, that can’t keep us from applauding the staff at Icelandair who stepped up to give the pups a home. High paws!

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Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 11, 2015