9 Brilliant Ways Ikea Can Solve Your Dog Furniture Problems

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

April 22, 2015

We all love Ikea. If we aren’t stocking up on easy-to-assemble minimalist furniture, we’re going there for their uh-mazing Swedish meatballs. Since they are such an important part of our lives, we decided to make them a part of your pup’s life to. All you need are these easy tutorials to make them doge-friendly.

1. BESTA Dog Sanctuary

Turn your TV unit into a little sanctuary for your pup. Some festive drapes and this can not only be your dog’s go-to spot, it can also be the spot to display succulents and other fun knick-knacks.

Besta Ikea Hack 1

2. SORTERA Auto Water Feeder

For those of us who are lucky enough to have backyards, this DIY is for you! Your dogs will never want to come in when they have an endless supply of water to cool off in the summer time.

Sortera Auto Water Feeder

3. TROFAST Pet Feeding Station

A pet feeding station that keeps the crumbs at a limit? Yes please! Like the photo suggests, you can dress it up in fun, pet themed decor to make the feeding station more of a statement and less of an eye sore.

TROFAST Pet Feeding Station

4. SLÄT Barkitecture Dog Houzz

When summer comes around your dog very likely will just want to stay out all day long. Why not build him a fun little dog house for when he feels like a cooling nap?

Ikea hacker

5. SNIGLAR Dog House

If you’re looking for something for your dog, that’ll be a perfect add-on for your kitchen, this is it. This DIY is easy and your dog can hang out with you while your family’s in the kitchen eating, drinking and being merry.


6. MALM Dogs/Kids Bench

If you feel like your doorway’s missing something you need this DIY! It can serve as a little bench for kids to sit down on while they put on their shoes and also be your pup’s chill spot when she wants to hang out by the door.

MALM Dogs-Kids Bench

7. LACK Dog House

Those simple end tables that are IKEA classics? You can flip them over, give it a spruce, add some color, and voila! Funky dog bed anyone?

LACK Dog House

8. KALLAX Modern Dog Bed

If you want a sturdy dog bed that also adds a bit of contemporary chic-ness to your home, this KALLAX Shelving Unit turned dog bed will be your decor savior!

Kallax Modern Dog Bed

9. MALM Occasional Table Dog Bedroom

I’ve always wanted to give my dog his own little bedroom and this tutorial uses a MALM Occasional Table to do so. Isn’t this the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?

MALM Occasional Table Dog Bedroom


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Written by: Tasmai Uppin

April 22, 2015

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