In Other News, A Dog is Running For Office in Washington

Ready for the craziest story you’ve heard all week? Washington state has a new politician on the scene, and he’s a bit furrier than most. Even George W. during his painting phase.

Whatcom County prosecutor David McEachran, a Republican, has a formidable challenge in Nyima, a feisty Tibetan terrier whose owner, Frank James, wants to call attention to the importance of challengers in local races.

doggie politics 1

“It’s for fun, but also to make a point,” James told ABC News. “Our current prosecuting attorney has had no opposition in the past 10 terms. It’s time for other people to think about running.”

Since suggesting that Nyima be entered on the ballot as a write-in candidate, he as received messages from young people telling him they plan to register to vote for his dog.

“It doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is,” James said. “It’s for the well-being of the community. I want to make this fun for people. It’s for people to become a bigger, more thoughtful part of the community.”

doggie politics 2

Nyima’s political affiliations are as yet unknown, although he has been approached by many consultants offering to start pro-Nyima Super-Barcs. There has been no foul play, however: Nyima’s owner, Frank James, says he has stopped taking Nyima to dog parks where his Super-Barc friends frolic.

However, if Nyima’s prospects improve, he might be approached by party bosses. If the national stage is on the horizon, you may start seeing him with a closer shave. And perhaps some glasses.

h/t to Jezebel. All photos via Frank James.

Thea Raymond-Sidel

8 years ago