Japan Is Now Offering Retirement Homes For Senior Dogs

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

March 4, 2016

As the population ages we are forced to consider what will become of our dogs if we pass away or become unable to care for them. What if the pups in question are no longer pups, but elderly themselves? Who will take on the added strain of caring for our senior dogs in their final years?

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Unfortunately, failure to address these questions leads to many senior animals ending up in shelters each year. Japanese citizens now have a new alternative to surrendering or euthanizing their aging dogs – senior care facilities specifically for pets!

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Roken Honpo, which roughly translates to Old Dog Head Office, cares for an average of 10 elderly dogs at a time. The price tag for their services is the equivalent of $660 USD per month, but founder Mie Kawaguchi has found dog lovers more than willing to pay.

In fact, Kawaguchi started Roken Honpo because she saw that many citizens were struggling to care for their aging dogs yet unwilling to put them to sleep.

Kawaguchi and her staff work tirelessly to keep the dogs in their care comfortable. Their patients suffer from a variety of ailments including dementia, joint disease, digestive issues and blindness. A local veterinarian checks in with the resident dogs regularly and owners are welcome to visit.

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Although facilities like Roken Honpo are a better alternative than surrender to an overcrowded shelter, just how humane is it to keep a dog alive that is hurting, unaware, or unable to walk? Owners that decide on this option are either struggling to provide adequate care for their dogs or unable to watch them suffer anymore.

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Many people do not believe in euthanasia for a variety of reasons, and Kawaguchi and her staff provide a loving environment for dogs in need of special attention as they live out their days. No matter what your personal opinion may be, the intentions of Roken Honpo and the Japanese citizens who bring their dogs there are definitely good.

H/T to International Business Times

Featured Image via Reuters/YouTube

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

March 4, 2016

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