12 Ways Your Dog Will Make You Jealous

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

February 3, 2015

You know the face. The one with narrow, beady eyes, perhaps accompanied by a loud groan. It is the face of jealousy. But it’s not your dog’s face. This is the face you see in the mirror when your dog gives more attention to someone other than you!

Here are 12 things your dog does to turn you green with envy!

1. He’ll share kisses with ANYONE.

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2. That trick your pup has failed to do for you? Yeah, she just did it for your buddy.

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3. At the dog park, your pup plays with other humans instead of other dogs.

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4. She brings her favorite toy to an absolute stranger.

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5. Your dog is happier to see the mailman than she is to see you.

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6. Your friends call you… to see if your dog can play.

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7. Your pup sleeps on your partner’s side of the bed, even though he’s your dog.

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8. Ignoring your cries of “Here boy!” he runs to a strange lady with treats.

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9. When the dog is more sad to see guests go than when you leave for work.

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10. Your dog lets someone snatch her out of your arms and they cuddle right in front of you.

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11. When you try to play with your dog, and they’re all, “I need my ME time.”

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12. Your dog lets your friend touch him like you thought only you could.

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Written by: Brandon Rhoads

February 3, 2015