This Dog Groomer’s Instagram Proves Everything Is Better With A Wind Machine

You ever look at your dog and think, “This pup is an absolute superstar”? Well Jess Rona, an L.A. based dog stylist, has taken the way we look at our dogs and brought it to life in her fantastic Instagram feed. Fifteen seconds at a time, she combines the power of slow motion, music, and a doggy blow dryer to turn her pups into goddesses. Seriously, bow-wow to the Queen:

Rona, an actress and comedian, explained the origin of the series: “I was working on a Pekingese named Noodle and when I dried her, her ears flew up into the air and it looked so funny. I grabbed my phone and took a little video. Then my friend posted a video with music on his Instagram. I asked him what app that was and then once I got my iPhone 6, I was able to make slo-mo videos using the InstaVideo App.”

Adding music to her videos turned out to be a winning concoction. I mean, how can you watch this and not smile?

You can check out the full gallery at Rona’s instagram, JessRonaGrooming. Get ready to bask in some supreme fur-bulousness.

Will Storie

7 years ago