Humans Celebrate Their Love For Dogs In Charming Photo Series

Toronto based photographer, Nicole Simone is no stranger to snapping pics of pups and the humans who love them. Her photo series, Redemption Dogs began in 2014 and features adopted pooches acclimating to life outside the shelter. She felt there were lots of photos documenting dogs before and during their adoptions, but not nearly enough depicting their world post-rescue.


Simone began volunteering at a shelter in Aurora, Ontario in 2006, and became inspired by the pets and the people. She began by photographing the dogs in order to increase their chances of adoption, and the project that would become Redemption Dogs grew from there.


Simone’s latest series was inspired by the Japanese jumping dads that gained internet fame earlier in 2015. She got a kick out of the excitement of the dads juxtaposed with the serious faced daughters, and thought a similar concept could work for pups and their pawrents.

I thought it was cute and it could translate into people jumping and celebrating next to their dogs in the new year.


Unlike her previous work, Simone wanted this series to be open to all dog moms and dads, not just those with rescue pups.


If you live in the Toronto area and would like to participate in the series with your pooch, Simone is eager to keep the series going. You can contact her through her website.

This whole series is really rewarding because I get to meet a bunch of amazing, eccentric dogs, and these people are some of the friendliest, outgoing, empathetic people who are so excited to talk about their dogs.

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H/T & Featured Image via CBC News

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago