Lena The Rottie Lives For Her “Me” Time Showers

What’s the deal with dogs in bathrooms? They follow us in there, and watch us when we shower. Like some sort of adorable pervert. It’s like they’re returning the favor for all the times we’ve watched them poop (my dog likes to turn her back to me and shoot over-the-shoulder death glares as she drops it like it’s hot). And I can’t even recall all the times I’ve been abruptly interrupted by a cold wet nose on my thigh as I screech out amateur renditions of Mariah Carey’s 90s hits.

But at least I can say my dog has never tried hopping into the shower on her own, like Lena the Rottie did before her owner got this video of her standing under the showerhead like it’s the best thing EVAR.

Nicole Zalat

7 years ago

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