15 EmotiPugs That Accurately Describe Your Social Life

When I was a dog walker, one of the dogs I always looked forward to walking was a chunky burrito of a Pug named Pugsly. I knew he was as happy to see me as I was him, but that little dumpling somehow always had an expression that said otherwise.


Pugs are hilariously expressive, which is why Instagram accounts like @itsdougthepug and @insitu are my go-to when I need a good laugh. There’s something about Pugs that make them so easy to caption, so here are 15 EmotiPugs who know your daily human struggles.

1. Because you never remember where you packed the toilet paper.

2. Because there’s nothing like a first kiss.

3. Because friendship goals.

4. Because nothing is sacred anymore. Not even leftovers.

5. Because Saturday afternoons are for avoiding the chores you spent all week putting off.

6. Because sometimes in life you have to start all over…

7. …but it only makes the happy times sweeter.

8. Because birthday cakes always force you to evaluate your entire life.

9. Because life is all about appreciating the little things.

10. Because people are weird like that.

11. Because you paid extra for that guac and you will enjoy every last bit of it.

12. Because it’s great living with people who don’t wash the dishes and don’t give you a shoulder to cry on. #notbitter #justanobservation

13. Because Mom always got the perfect ratio of cheese to bread.

14. Because seasons.

15. Because that cilantro-lime rice…

h/t to Emotipugs

Featured image via @itsdougthepug

Nicole Zalat

7 years ago