One Little Boy Performs A Simple Miracle That Makes This Frightened Pup Feel Safe

Nala came to Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue terrified and emotionally shut down to the point that rescue workers had to sit outside her enclosure for days in an effort to earn her trust. Nala, unfortunately, continued to shake and growl. They video taped her for hours hoping to catch the moment she realized it was okay and that no one would hurt her. Then a rescuer had a brilliant thought - she asked her son, Zack, to come over. It turns out that Zack was the miracle Nala needed.  
NEW ARRIVAL - This girl arrived with us a few weeks ago. She had been wandering the streets for some time and was extremely shut down and terrified. I spent her entire first & second day sitting on the floor trying to gain her trust. I took hours and hours of footage trying to catch 'the moment' that she decided to trust me. She wasn't having a bar of me, just sat at the back of the run trembling and growling. Then I bought in my secret weapon and the magic happened right before my eyes!! ❤️ Posted by Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue on Thursday, March 24, 2016
Zack may have been her secret weapon, but what he really was was the person that saved Nala's life. Thanks to this little boy and his profound effect on Nala, the formerly scared pup has left the shelter and now lives with Zack and his mama! She also shares a home with a Pit Bull named PaPa. Every member of her new foster family is dedicated to helping Nala work on her social skills. [bp_related_article] In another Facebook post, you can see she is making some great progress and that there are high hopes that she will get to have her very own pawfect family soon. Nala A bit different than the timid and growling dog in the shelter. Nala couldn't be more relaxed now. Nala She has no problems making new friends! Nala She absolutely adores her human companion, Zack. She would love for her forever family to be one with children. Nala Above all, she is an absolute love muffin. Just look at that smushable face! Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue has given this girl a chance that a lot of other dogs don't necessarily get to see. If you would like to help this wonderful group continue with their work, please go to their help page to learn how you can donate.

Michella Ventres

6 years ago

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