Watch These Adorable Pups Dig Into The May 2015 BarkBox

Written by: Nicole Zalat

May 28, 2015

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One of the best things about working at BarkBox is seeing all the videos our lovely pupscribers send in and share online of their dogs enjoying their BarkBox goodies! Last month’s theme was fitness, and this month’s theme is…



Check out how these pups are diggin’ their garden swag.

1. “Come on, human, I’ve waited long enough!”


2. “This is my happy face.”

3. “No help needed! Thanks!”

4. “Now I can catch butterflies with zero guilt! Thanks, human!”

5. “Bee-stung lips are still a thing. They’re just called ‘Kylie Jenner lips’ now.”

6. “I have expressed many times my desire to have things unwrapped for me, human. You had one job.”

7. “Get it for meeeee.”

8. “Clearly this will make up for that time I rearranged your newly-planted garden?”

dog with flower toy

9. “Oh my god but, like, get it for meeee.”

10. “But…do we have to share?”

barkbox may recap

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Featured image via @oppiejakewilliams

Written by: Nicole Zalat

May 28, 2015