Meet Dante, Your Weekly Dingus Who Thinks He’s A Meerkat

Dante spends 100% of his time being a dingus, but in a lot of different ways. Let's just jump right in here. Dante spends a lot of his time confused by his tail's presence, which will never not be funny to me. Like dogs (dinguses in particular) seriously act like it's the first time they see their tail...every time they see their tail. Like "HUH? WHO'S THAT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET OFF MY BUTT. HEY. I SAID COME HERE!" dantechasingtail As always, this dingus has a weirdly specific irrational fear. Of cans. Yes, like beverages. He does not care for cans. His mom, Briney, told us:
"Dante dislikes it when you open a can of drink. He sees a can of coke for example and he goes into crazy zoomies mode. He hates it when he sees a can of coke in your hand and tries to knock it away."
When you hear that can crack open & you're like, "HUMAN WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT CARBONATED BEVERAGES WHEN I'M IN THE ROOM I DO NOT LIKE ALUMINUM." dantescared He likes to keep his day full, so he enjoys to spend a big chunk of his time rolling around in worms and mud, because YOLO. Then he takes his derping inside. Honestly, shout out to dinguses for consistently coming up with creative ways to position themselves on furniture. It's truly astounding. dantechaircollage "OK, so what's the most awkward way I can possibly sit on this couch?"-Dinguses dantecouchcollage Like, what is happening here? I can't answer that. But I do know that it's adorable. dantechair2 "Sup." dantechair4 This is where Dante gets really dingusy. He does this thing where he forgets that he is a dog and thinks that he is Timone from The Lion King. dantemeerkatcollage But seriously does he know that he is a dog? I hope not because I would like to continue my Instagram stalking of this dog, I mean what? dantemeerkat He thinks doing this will convince his hooman to give him a treat. He is not wrong. dantemeerkat Side view. dante7 When he is not being a meerkat, you can find him like this. dante2 Upsiderping (upside-down derping) dante3 "You guys the world is so much cooler from this point of view." dante5 "LOOK I'M UPSIDE DOWN HAHA" dante4 "OH HEY STILL HERE." dante6 "OH HEY IT ME I INSIDE NOW. GREAT CEILING." danteinside You get the point. We'll leave you with one final fact. He can also fly. In his sleep. dantesleepflying And also, in the actual air. danteflying Want to show off your dingus's skills? Submit here, and tag us in your dingus pictures on Instagram using #ShowMeYourDingus.
Featured image via @dante_the_staffy

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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