Meet Roo, The Amazing Two-Legged Dachshund

This little dawg puts all of us to shame. This is Roo, and she’s the coolest pup we know.

roo 1

Roo lives with her family in Rock Creek, West Virginia. Roo was born in 2012, with three other mini dachshunds. Her hooman mom, Rose Ann Harvey, realized that Roo was special from the start.

roo 5

Roo was born with two front legs that are much shorter than they should be, and were largely unusable to do a lot of the things dogs do: Run, leap, play. Harvey, who kept the rest of the dogs in Roo’s litter as well, treated her like another member of the family and Roo quickly grew into her impressive stature. She walks and plays on her back legs, goes for walks in her own stroller, and keeps up with her brothers and sisters like a pro.

roo 7

The Harveys have really gone above and beyond for their special pup. They’ve remodeled their home to suit her needs and have adjusted their lifestyle so they can provide her with a pawsome life.

roo 6

We’re so impressed the Harvey’s determination to provide Roo with the same life he would’ve had if he looked like his brothers and sisters. Hoomans everywhere could learn from their example!

Special thanks to Rose Ann Harvey for all of the pics and information!

Thea Raymond-Sidel

8 years ago