NBA Star Dishes On Life With His Rescue Dog, And An Amazing New Book

Written by: Will Storie

December 14, 2015

Great Dogs Of Charlotte highlights the most prominent personalities in Charlotte, North Carolina, and their beloved family dogs. An intimate portrait of life in the charming city, mixed with heartwarming tales of dogs and how they light up a life, Great Dogs Of Charlotte is a must-have book for the dog lover in your family. Best of all, all proceeds benefit The Humane Society of Charlotte. Order your copy today.

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Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, one of the most beloved players on the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, is quickly emerging as one of the NBA’s most exciting young talents. Of all the roles he plays in life, there’s few he enjoys more than playing Papa to his delightful rescue dog, Pip- and they’re proudly featured in Great Dogs Of Charlotte. Michael spoke with Barkpost to tell us more about Pip, the book, and The Humane Society of Charlotte.


When Michael visited The Humane Society two years ago, one wiggly, bouncy little Corgi/Terrier mix caught his eye. As joyful and energetic as the puppy was, you would have never guessed his sad beginnings- he had been abandoned in a crate in the Humane Society parking lot. His playful personality (not to mention the floppy ears and big brown eyes) immediately won Michael over.


Pip looked like he might be a handful. “He was kind of crazy, running all over the place,” Michael’s mother, Cindy Richardson, recalled. But Michael loved him right away. “Pip is a special type of dog,” Michael told Barkpost. “He’s sweet, but always wants the attention. If he doesn’t get it, he acts up.”


Two years later, Pip is still a sparkplug- and as much as he loves to run and play, he immediately calms down when Michael picks him up. Pip is at his happiest and most relaxed when he’s in Michael’s arms, or curled up in Michael’s bed. And he has a similarly calming effect on Michael: “Pip keeps my mind at ease. He’s somebody I come home to that cheers up my day. It’s like raising a child.”


A college basketball champion at the University of Kentucky, Michael was picked 2nd overall in the NBA Draft in 2012, by the Charlotte Hornets. Celebrated for his uncanny work ethic and his elite defensive play, Michael has quickly emerged as one of the city’s most beloved players. And the bond is mutual. “One thing I enjoy the most,” Michael says of Charlotte, “is that the city is up and coming. It’s a blue collar city and that reminds me a lot about myself and the hard work I put into my craft.”

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Among those hardworking, up and coming institutions is The Humane Society of Charlotte. “They care about the dogs as if they were their own,” Michael said. “They do a great job finding long-term solutions for the animals they care for.” Michael was glad to lend his time and his story to Great Dogs Of Charlotte. And Michael highly recommends the final product. “What impressed me the most was how strong of a connection people have with their pets. It’s pretty remarkable.”

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera & his wife Stephanie, as featured in Great Dogs Of Charlotte
Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera, his wife Stephanie, and their dogs Fiyero and Penny, as featured in Great Dogs Of Charlotte

Michael is a long-time dog person. He grew up with two dogs, Taffy and Frankie, whom he loved like a little brother and sister. “Taffy woke me up for school every morning,” he told Barkpost. And The Humane Society of Charlotte is thrilled to have Michael on board as an advocate for shelter pets. Pip’s story reminds us all that a puppy doesn’t need a happy start in life, to find a happy ending.

“I love everything about Pip,” Michael says. “From day 1, he’s fit right in with the family.”


You can order your copy of Great Dogs of Charlotte right now! A wonderful gift for yourself or the dog ruvver in your life.

And you can learn more about The Humane Society of Charlotte here.

Featured Image via Steven Lindenman/Great Dogs Of Charlotte

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Written by: Will Storie

December 14, 2015

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